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Our Mission

Ihsan strives to be aware of the community needs, to be compassionate towards all people, to provide excellent and relevant services, and to make an impact on their lives based on the teachings of Islam.

About Us

Ihsan is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization that is based in Milford, OH. Ihsan was registered first on July 12, 2001 under the name of Muslim American Society by a group of students at the University of Cincinnati. They came together to promote acceptance and diversity among different ethnic and economical classes among the American Muslim community. Later, they affiliated the organization with the national Muslim American Society and renamed it to MAS Cincinnati Chapter in 2003. In 2008 and after long experience that gave the founders a deeper insight into the needs of the community, they decided to unaffiliate with the national organization and rename the organization to Ihsan. In November 2009, Ihsan purchased a headquarter in Milford, OH. A beautiful 6 acres, 23,000 sq. ft. facility and opened the first mosque in Clermont county, OH. The Eidul Adha prayer in 2009 was the first community prayer in the new mosque.

Ihsan is a Qur'anic word that means to give your best. The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked once what is Ihsan? he replied "To worship God as if you see Him and if you can not, know that He sees you".

Ihsan is a flat organization that is open to everyone. It is governed by a board of directors whose primary responsibility is to set and evaluate the priorities of the organization and to ensure its financial health. The board meets quarterly.

The activities of the organization are done through projects. Each project has a leader and a group of volunteers. The project leaders group is the operating body of the organization. They meet monthly and they approve and review the projects that implement the organization priorities. Anyone who agrees to the expectations of the project leaders can join this group. The project leaders are support by a group of staff (part-time and full-time) whose job is to enable the operation and execution of the organization.